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A Delightful Journey in Talamban Cave

Lying at the Talamban mountain range, the front view of the cave is like an entrance door of a church because it is made up of big white stones.

by Jane Dacumos on June 25, 2012

Surrounded by mountains and the panoramic Boac River, Balagasan is one of the barangays of Baoc featuring breathtaking attractions that enthrall tourists.

A Humble Name – Balagasan came from word “Balagas”. It means a kind of soil with plenty of boulders and easily eroded. During American occupation, the name Balagas was extended by a syllable “san”. Since then, it was named Balagasan.

A Wonderful Nature – Talamban Cave and Duyay Cave are two of the attractions in the place which give delight to spelunkers.

Lying at the Talamban mountain range, the front view of the cave is like an entrance door of a church because it is made up of big white stones. Antiques like figurines and plates may be found inside the cave. Locals believe that this cave was the home of the early ancestors of Balagasan who were hiding from Spanish soldiers. Talamban Cave is actually two separate caves located about 100 meters from each other. The bigger one can be explored by using rappel ropes; it offers a more exciting trail to spelunkers.

Another thrilling cave to explore is the Duyay Cave. The interior of the cave is very huge and dark and filled with stalactite formations that entice spelunkers. The entire length of the caves and tunnels are estimated to end in Tapuyan, Gasan.

Caving at Talamban and Duyay Cave – There are options in getting to the provincial capital Boac, the home to Talamban and Duyay Cave.

• By land-sea travel: From Manila, take a bus going to Dalahican, Lucena Port. Different bus companies travel from Manila to Dalahican so you have various options. Jam Transit and JAC Liner are two bus companies bound for Marinduque. JAC Liner plies a direct Manila-Marinduque route.

• Direct bus or car travel: If you don't feel like getting on and off a bus and ferry, you have the option of riding a bus or a door-to-door van that will take you all the way from Manila to Marinduque. The bus or van will ride the Roll-On, Roll-Off (RO-RO) and will take you to the provincial capital or right directly to your destination.

• By Air: Flights from Manila Domestic Airport to Marinduque Airport, located in Barangay Masiga, roughly in between Gasan and Boac, are currently served regularly by Zest Airways.

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