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Come and Witness the Alluring beauty of Capones Island

Capones Island, also known as “Isla de Gran Capon”, can be found in Pundaquit, Zambales. The island is one of the prime attractions in the province. From Manila, the trip to the island will take more or less four hours.

by Jhaypee Guia on February 10, 2016
Come and Witness the Alluring beauty of Capones Island


Capones Island, also known as Isla de Gran Capon, is a stunning example of the Philippines' natural and historical treasures that many people have yet to discover. Located in Pundaquit, Zambales, the island is one of the most idyllic attractions of the province and is only a few hours’ drive from Manila.

From the coast, the island resembles a colossal piece of weathered stone bordered with the fine white sand of the beach and surrounded by the sparkling azure sea.

Seeing the rolling waves smashing against the rocks would give the viewer an impression of the island's strength and character.

Capones Island is popular for its white sandy beach, ornate corals, and the picturesque Spanish colonial lighthouse standing on the top of a hill.  These sights draw thousands of visitors to the island every year.

Blessed with lush scenery and greenery, the island attracts adventurers as it is ideal for camping and trekking.  Visitors are even allowed to stay overnight.  For people who desire more familiar conveniences, there are resorts located near the island that offer great lodging at reasonable rates.

Should guests wish to see more of the coastline and environs of the island, the locals offer their bancas and services for a small fee. The bancas are available all throughout the day so guests can better revel in the unparalleled beauty of the island.

The trip to the island must definitely include a visit to the Capones Island Lighthouse, or the Faro de Punta Capones. Erected in August 1, 1890, the structure has faithfully guided ships to and from Subic Bay or Manila. 

The structure accentuates the historical significance of the island, and from it one can have a 360-degree view of the Zambales and the surrounding areas.  Early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the waves are mild, one is treated to a spectacular view of the ocean, its surface blue, calm and placid.

Make sure to take lots of photos.  Enjoy every minute of your stay on this lovely island.


Experience the delightfully adventurous activities that the island has to offer:

  • Camping
  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Diving
  • Trekking
  • Snorkelling

Where to Stay

  • Subic Homes

Location: 56-A. Lanzones Street, Freeport Zone, Subic (Zambales), Philippines

  • Seo Ra Beol Grand Leisure Hotel

Location: Lot MC-9 Waterfront Road, Freeport Zone, Subic (Zambales), Philippines 

  • Sir Williams Lodge & Beach Resort

Location: Purok 5, Brgy. Pundaquit, Pundaquit - San Antonio, Subic (Zambales), Philippines

  • Mountain Woods Inn

Location: 5136-1537 Entemedor St., West Kalayaan, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Subic (Zambales), Philippines

  • Grand Hoyah Hotel

Location: Lot 5B & 6, Manila Ave. (Interior) cor. Canal Road, Freeport Zone, Subic (Zambales), Philippines

How to Get There

By Land

Capones Island is accessible by bus from Pasay or Caloocan going to Iba, Zambales. The fare ranges from 260-300 pesos. The estimated time of travel is 3 to 4 hours. Get off at the town of San Antonio and ride a tricycle to Brgy. Pundaquit. The fare is more or less 30 pesos for a 15 to 20 minute drive. From Barangay Pundaquit, boats are available going to Capones Island for 700 pesos (round trip).

By Air

From NAIA, you can ride a plane to International Subic Airport or Iba Local Airport.

By Sea

Visitors can ride the Mt. Samat Express, a ferry at CCP going to Subic for 250-300 pesos, or Supercat from Mall of Asia going to Orion, Bataan. From there you can ride a bus going to Iba, Zambales and get off at San Antonio.

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