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Daet Town Celebrated the Vibrant Pinyasan Festival 2013

The most anticipated fiesta of Daet, the Pinyasan Festival, held its 21st celebration last June 15, 2013. Once again, the colorful celebration spread out happiness and excitement in the town.

by Jhaypee Guia on June 27, 2013
Daet Town Celebrated the Vibrant Pinyasan Festival 2013


Daet is a first class municipality of Camarines Norte. Its name was derived from the Bikol word "dai-daitan" which means "close to each other". 

The town of Daet is known as a surfing and kiteboarding spot in the Philippines. The famous Calaguas group of islands or Virgin Island can also be found here.

Aside from being a surfing spot, the town is also popular for its Pinyasan Festival. It is considered to be the most colorful festival in the province of Camarines Norte. The festival showcases the province's primary agricultural product which is the pineapple called "Queen of Formosa". Camarines Norte is distinguished for producing rich, sweet pineapples in the Philippines. The province is one of the leading producers of pineapples in the country.

The festival aspires to promote the town's culture, agricultural product, and tourism.

The Pinyasan Festival is a yearly celebration held every June 15-24. It started in 1992, commenced by Mayor Tito Sarte Sariond. Every year, the festival features different programs and activities such as float exhibition, street dancing presentation, agro-industrial fair, various competitions and many other exciting activities.

The celebration of Pinyasan Festival is also the town’s foundation day; that is why the local government and the townsfolk spend a lot of effort and preparation for the annual celebration.

The Pinyasan Festival 2013 Celebration

The most anticipated fiesta of Daet, the Pinyasan Festival, held its 21st celebration last June 15-24, 2013. Once again, the colorful celebration spread out happiness and excitement in the town.

The 2013 celebration was filled with fresh and interesting activities making it livelier and more enjoyable.

The local government organized the first fun run during the celebration. It was called "Pinyasan Fun Run" wherein participants ran with their dogs from First Rizal Monument to Bagasbas Beach.

On its first day, a thanksgiving mass and flower offering at the First Dr, Jose Rizal Monument were held, followed by the Pinyasan Opening Program, BahayAnihan Agro Fair, 2nd Pinyasan Dog Show, Pinyasan Trade Fair and Pinyasan Party Night. The first day celebration was definitely full of activities.

Thrilling activities and events such as Pinyasan walk, beach football tournament, and beach events like Paraw Regatta, Sand Carving, Beach Volleyball, and Palo sebo were held in Bagasbas Beach on its second day.

Other exciting activities for the Daet on its fourth day were the Presentation of Candidates for Miss Pinyasan, Miss Daet & Miss Tourism, Daet @ 430th Forum w/ Prof. Danilo Gerona, and Pinyasan Mural Painting.

Pinyasan Village Dedication Day, Pinyasan Master Chef Competition and Pinyasan Little Angel were held on the fifth day of celebration.

The sixth day of celebration was very special for the town's elders beacuse there was a Senior Citizen Ballroom Dancing Competition.

The following activities of the 2013 celebration of Pinyasan Festival were Pinyasan Mayor's Cup Regional Shootfest, Pinya Carafest, Kadang-kadang & Sangkaraw Race w/ the Miss Pinyasan Candidates, Pinyasan Got Talent (June 20), Metro Manila Councilors' Conference (June 20–22), 5th Mayor's Cup National Dart Tournament (June 21–23), Pinyasan Star Express w/ Kalil Ramos, Karylle and Eric Santos (June 22), Pinyasan Festival 2013 Street Presentation, Search for Miss Pinyas, Miss Daet and Miss Tourism Pageant Night (June 23), Daet Town Fiesta (June 24).

The 10-day celebration was truly crammed with so many interesting and exhilarating activities, events and party nights. This year was another amazing and remarkable celebration of Pinyasan Festival for the town of Daet.



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