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Dicalabuan Island: Banana Island

Known as the Philippines' last frontier, Palawan still holds many natural wonders left to be discovered, and with Coron, the wonders simply increase with the many great islands that are next to unspoiled in their beauty. Dicalabuan Island is truly a paradise with it's unspoilt nature and beauty. It's white beaches are pristine, white and powdery and makes a perfect getaway.

by Christian Mack on February 17, 2015
Dicalabuan Island: Banana Island

Known as the Philippines' last frontier, Palawan still holds many natural wonders left to be discovered.  It still has a lot of exotic locales where very few people have set their eyes on, with a bewildering number of uninhabited islands and wildernesses just waiting to be explored. 

Coron, is a part of Palawan where these the wonders increase in frequency, with many small but spectacular islands that are next to none in their beauty.  Among these, Dicalabuan is an island paradise without comparison, with its unspoilt nature and beauty.  Its quite a distance to get to, but being there is an experience that cannot be described by mere words.

Dicalabuan Island, more popularly known as Banana Island as it is said to resemble a submerged banana when seen from a distance, is a part of the Calamian Archipelago north of Palawan that separates the South China Sea from the Sulu Sea.  Coron is known for its fisheries and bustling tourism as many of the islands are popular diving destinations even among foreigners. 

Dicalabuan Island has all these and more.  Its shores are lined with powdery white sand glistening under the bright tropical sky.  The waters surrounding it are precious blue and turquoise, its waves inviting revelers to have fun and swim in its clear, cold waters.  Snorkeling and diving are best here as the waters are clear and you get to see marine life even at considerably shallow depths.  Dicalabuan Island has a wealth of things to explore beneath the waves, the area boasting of having one of the richest biodiversity in the planet and is named as one of the best scuba sites in the world.

It is a magical land far removed from traces of civilization, and this wonder can be yours to see and experience as you visit Dicalabuan Island in Coron, Palawan. 

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