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Dining at Cabalen!

How do Filipinos celebrate New Year?Fireworks, bonding with friends and family, and of course, food!

by Angel Bonifacio on January 02, 2013
Dining at Cabalen!

How do Filipinos celebrate New Year?

Fireworks, bonding with friends and family, and of course, food!

Filipinos have a genuine passion for eating. That's why a lot of restaurants appeal to our stomachs. One of the best places where you can eat to your heart's content is Cabalen in Robinson's Place, Manila. It's a rare treat to find a restaurant where your palates are satisfied without hurting your pocket.

My Vigattin family went there last December 29 as an early New Year celebration. Greeted by welcoming staff and an accomodating manager, Ms. Carina Gumpal, we proceeded to our table. We were delighted to find a wide array of our favorite local dishes like lechong paksiw, kare-kare, bopis, pinakbet, paksiw na bangus, adobong manok, and binagoongang kangkong. We also loved the desserts like halo-halo, pichi-pichi, banana in caramel syrup, and chocolate-dipped marshmallows. And the thing we loved best in this place? It's an eat-all-you-can restaurant!

With a price that wouldn't hurt your budget - a very affordable Php368 per pax - you can taste everything from appetizer to dessert and go back for more. Cabalen is surely a nice place to celebrate New Year and other special moments with your friends and loved ones. :)

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