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Divinubo Island: The Hidden Paradise of Eastern Samar

Eastern Samar, dubbed as one of the last natural paradise in the Philippines, is a province located in Eastern Visayas. Eastern Samar. With its tropical rainforest and natural attractions, it is a hidden paradise where one can enjoy scenic views.

by Arjay Reyes on May 11, 2013
Divinubo Island: The Hidden Paradise of Eastern Samar


It’s an island not known by many but a paradise for the residents of Borongan.

Divinubo Island is located near Borongan, the capital of Eastern Samar. The island faces the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by small islets, white sand beach and clear blue water. One can easily reach Divinubo Island through public boats from Borongan.

Upon reaching the island, visitors will be amazed by the wonderful natural attractions that they will see. They will also see the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Visitors can also enjoy an eco-tour of the island. The Divinubo Eco-Tour Park will let the tourist experience nature at its best. It is managed by a community-based resource management program with a duty to maintain the natural beauty and biodiversity of the place.

Upon touring the island, visitors can reach a lighthouse or parola where one can see the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean from above. Since the island is located near the Pacific Ocean, it is an excellent site for fishing, swimming, surfing and scuba diving.

Certainly, tourists will have a good time looking at the wide Pacific Ocean and enjoy the breeze coming from the largest ocean in the world. One can also watch the beautiful sunset from Divinubo with a view of mainland Samar in the background.

From Manila, visitors who want to see the hidden paradise of Eastern Samar can go there by taking a chartered flight to Tacloban. From there, they can take a 3-hour van ride headed to Borongan. They can tell the driver to drop them off at Brgy. Lalawigan where the boats bound to Divinubo Island are located.

The scenery in the island will allure the visitors and will make them adore the hidden paradise of Eastern Samar. So why not take a trip here and enjoy the astonishing scenery of the island?

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