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Ideaspace with Nyfti and Salt Water Lamps on Vigattin Radio

With the advancement of technology, there are new ideas that could be used for modern developments. This includes simple but innovative schemes. Last Saturday on Vigattin Radio discussed on the latest breakthrough in the field of technology.

by Rjay Reyes on April 14, 2014
Ideaspace with Nyfti and Salt Water Lamps on Vigattin Radio

With the advancement of technology, there are new ideas that could be used for modern developments. This includes simple but innovative schemes. Last Saturday on Vigattin Radio discussed on the latest breakthrough in the field of technology.

With co-anchors Mr. Den Macaranas and Ms. Arne Barcelo including Mr. Elison Barcelo. They are joined by acclaimed innovators from the two of the top twenty IdeaSpace Startup competition. They are SALt (sustainable alternative lighting solutions), and Nyfti (new 3-fold bike technology), together with Sir Earl Martin Valencia President and co-founder of Ideaspace (a non-profit incubator fund for startups).

The first to talk on Vigattin Radio is Sir Earl Valencia. He’s fresh from Silicon Valley and chatted on the latest update there. He said , “Boss Manny V. Pangilinan gave a keynote Speech at Stanford University and told the audience that they are planning to set up an office in San Francisco bay. It will hopefully link up the best technology ideas from the US to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. “

He added, “When startups are ready, at least they already have direct connections to the global ecosystem and to make sure that our country is represented on it and it’s another step for us to encourage startups here and on how do we represent our country at Silicon Valley.” He also told Vigattin Radio on the latest technology trend in Silicon Valley.

He later talked on the latest update on Ideaspace, he acknowledged SALt and Nyfti for besting over 500 applicants for the IdeaSpace Startup competition. Both startups are able to join the Top 20. Sir Earl continued to talk on the emerging market-innovation and he learned new concept of leadership – the GQ which means global quotient.

The next to talk  on Vigattin Radio is Mr. Carl Mamawal, one of the founders of Nyfti. Nyfti is the first three fold technology in the Philippines. He discussed on how they get their designs in Nyfti which are very compact. It has three fold mechanism and especially designed by a Filipino. He told Vigattin Radio that their idea is to make it here in the Philippines and then share it to the world.

He added that their plan is to make quality folding bikes unlike those cheap bikes that can be bought in China. The lead designer of Nyfti is Mr. Ingko Marfori,  a professor in La Salle and his professor before. Mr. Ingko was inspired by the folded bikes seen on the net so he decided to buy one but his search for the best folding bike led him to design Nyfti 3 fold bike.

Mr.Carl continued to discuss the Nyfti bike on Vigattin Radio, he said “Nyfti is going to be smaller when you fold it which is more convenient that the one you see from London, the front and rear wheels are shorter just to make it more compact. It will not be compromised and descent enough to travel safer with an overall better performance.”

The material used on Nyfti bikes is chromoly steel, a high carbon steel which is stronger but lighter. Ideaspace will help them to patent the technology. When asked if how they will market their product, he answered “Right now we will start on the local market so that we can get some support here. There is also crowd funding sites like kickstarter that can help startups to have their product globally. So the market today is open for anyone in the world and compete globally.”

Later on, Raphael Mejino of SALt discussed the salt water lamp on Vigattin Radio. He said that they are using alternative solutions to  make a lamp light and these are electrodes and just salt water. When electrodes connect with salt water, there will be an oxidation that can produce electricity. The electricity produced is just around 6 volts which is not able to light an LED lamp.

He said,”So, we added joule thief so that it can amplify the voltage produce by the electrodes. So when we connect the joule thief to the electrodes. The electricity produced was amplified to over 12 volts.” He later added that there is no battery attached to the product.
SALt wants to have a cost and effective lamps so  that they can eliminate the sustaining cost in areas that rely on kerosine or battery powered lamps and candles as their main source of lighting. As indicated in, they want to provide a more efficient light-source for people who use lamps and candles as an alternative source of lighting. The competitive advantage of SALt lamps are it’s easy to use, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

SALt and Nyfti are one of the hot contenders for the Ideaspace Startup Competition. They are both in the top 20 lead and outwitted over five hundred finalists al over the Philippines. Both startups hope to qualify in the top 10 which  they will have the opportunity to be supported by Ideaspace Foundation.

When Vigattin Radio asked if what will happen to the startups that will not be chosen. Sir Earl Valencia delightfully answered, “We need to look at a bigger picture, if the startups failed to be chosen but if they do well. It’s also good for our country which then helps anyone in the Philippines. That is the GQ mind. No matter what, startups who are not able to enter the top 20 but if they can improve. It would be good for the Philippines and it will have a halo effect to all local startup.“

They also entertained questions from the listeners before the show ended.

For more information about Ideaspace, Nyfti and SALT, you may check out:, and .



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