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Sleeping Dinosaur

This amazing and wonderful island in Davao Oriental has become popular to tourists because it is shaped like a sleeping dinosaur from afar.

by Rosevie Decio on November 15, 2013
Sleeping Dinosaur

Sleeping Dinosaur is an amazing and wonderful island in Davao Oriental that has become popular to all tourists because it resembles a sleeping dinosaur from afar. 

The Sleeping Dinosaur is fast becoming a popular tourist destination in Pujada Bay. The island's elevated and hilly land resembles a dinosaur's back while the narrow flatland on the left side looks like the head.

The island's color is that of a healthy, vivid green, often associated as the color of nature.  The island is thriving with vegetation and is rich with life. Most of the area is composed of forests, coconut farms, and ricefields.

Another curious attraction that visitors may want to see is the mariculture park in close proximity with the Sleeping Dinosaur, and visitors can go there to see floating fish cages where different species of fish and sea creatures are grown and cultivated.



  • Hike to the top of Sleeping Dinosaur
  • Souvenirs
  • Ride a pump boat to explore the island
  • Swim in the clear and refreshing water
  • Camping


How to get there

The aptly called Sleeping Dinosaur is situated in the barangay of Dawan, Mati City. There are daily flights from Manila to Davao. From Davao, you can ride to a jeep or bus to reach the pier of Davao. Then when reaching the Mati City from Davao Pier, ride a motor boat to Barangay Dawan, which takes about 25 minutes.

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