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The 10 Gorgeous Beachfront Resorts of Alona Beach, Bohol

Ever been to the Chocolate Hills of Bohol? Then why not seek an oasis that will invigorate your mind and soul? Alona Beach is an oasis located in Panglao Island, Bohol. With its 10 beachfront resorts, tourists will surely enjoy their stay in the beach named after a famous sexy star from the ‘70s.

by Arjay Reyes on April 30, 2013
The 10 Gorgeous Beachfront Resorts of Alona Beach, Bohol

Ever been to the Chocolate Hills of Bohol? Then why not seek an oasis that will invigorate your mind and soul? Alona Beach is an oasis located in Panglao Island, Bohol. With its 10 beachfront resorts, tourists will surely enjoy their stay in the beach named after a famous sexy star from the ‘70s.

Alona Beach was originally called Tawala Seaside because it’s basically located in Tawala, Panglao Island, Bohol, but after shooting a scene for a movie where Alona Alegre ran naked along the beach, the place became known as Alona Beach.

The beach is now famous and considered as the crowning jewel of Bohol’s developing tourism industry. It has become one of the top travel destinations of the Philippines and it even attracted several investors to put resorts in the area.

The white-sand beach is now home to many resorts just like in Boracay. Visitors can maximize their stay on the popular beach with resorts that will give them cool accommodations and direct access to the white sand and crystal-clear water of Alona Beach.

Visitors might even think that Alona Beach is part of Boracay because it’s already lined up with different bars and restaurant. One can also see zip artists performing on the beach and one can listen to pop music from local bands in the area. Visitors can even stroll to the beachfronts of each resort and take a look at their facilities.

Alona Beach is a reason enough to visit the place with its powdery white sand beach which stretches one and a half kilometers along the coast but the beachfront resorts gives more fun and excitement to visitors and tourists who want to stay in the lively beach of Alona. Ranging from affordable to luxurious accommodations, these beachfront resorts offer immediate shore access to guests.

Visitors who want to book for a beachfront resort can choose from these 10 gorgeous beachfront resorts listed by

1. Alona Tropical Beach Resort: Alona Tropical is located at the east end of the beach, fronting the widest and most private portion of the beach. The native angled roof of the resort's beachfront bar and restaurant is a distinctive feature of Alona's shoreline. The sizeable compound has a pool with an outdoor Jacuzzi and several types of rooms spread out throughout the grounds. Most rooms and cottages are designed to evoke a rustic feel, using woven kalakat walls and bamboo furniture, but there are also more modern rooms available.

2. Hennan Resort: The Henann Resort consists of 12 luxury villas spread out over large tropical grounds. Previously operated as the Alona Palm and reopened under the Boracay Regency Group of Resorts, this upscale resort remains very well maintained. Thanks to the size of the property, guests can enjoy a long stretch of wide beach which has direct access to the resort's infinity pool and restaurant.

3. Peter’s House: Peter's House comprises four fan rooms located above the Genesis Divers dive shop. The rustic and inexpensive rooms are popular with backpackers and divers taking courses at Genesis Divers. Peter's House also has a pizza restaurant with tables laid out on the beach.

4. Alona Vida Beach Resort: The Alona Vida Beach Resort and Coco Vida Bar and Restaurant are located along the part of Alona Beach densely packed with restos, bars, and resorts. The restaurant fronts the beach, while the eight rooms and resort pool are located in a garden setting further inside the compound.

5. Oops Bar and Cottages: A popular party spot on Alona Beach, Oops Bar serves international cuisine and a wide range of cocktails, shooters, and refreshing island drinks right on the beach. A selection of pastries is also available at the Oops Beach Café, a full service coffee shop with a classic café atmosphere. Beyond the bar are native fan cottages arranged in a tropical villa setting.

6. Hayahay Resort and Restaurant: Standing next to Alona Vida, the charming three-storey structure of Hayahay, with its coco-lumber lined walls and tropical but still contemporary design, towers over the beach. The resort's height and beachfront location affords its rooms an excellent view of the sea and the surrounding areas.

7. Alona Beach Pyramid Resort: The peak-gabled roofs of the Pyramid's restaurant and spacious two-level native cottages are a recognizable landmark along Alona Beach. Within the compound, the pharaoh-named cottages are clustered tightly around the resort pool, and the grounds are landscaped in a distinctly tropical style.

8. Alona Kew White Beach Resort: One of the largest resorts along Alona Beach, the Alona Kew has a wide range of rooms in different styles to suit every budget. There is an open air restaurant beside the beach, in addition to the more formal dining areas inside the new main building nearer the access road. Accommodations near the beach are in the form of native cottages, but the newer Villa Catalina building has more modern rooms opening onto the beach as well.

9. Lost Horizon Beach Dive Resort: Like most resorts along the beach, Lost Horizon has a restaurant and dive shop fronting the shore, with rooms further into the island. The resort also has an annex located even beyond that, with cheaper rooms and its own set of amenities such as its pool. The contemporary style rooms have excellent views of the sea.

10. Bohol Divers Resort: Another large resort with many different types of rooms, Bohol Divers Resort has villa type rooms, a dive shop, function areas, and a restaurant right on the beach. The rest of the available accommodations are spread out over their property, and take many forms, from native cottages to basic hotel rooms to lavishly furnished villas.

Getting to Alona Beach from Tagbilaran is so easy; visitors can take a trike or taxi in Tagbilaran City. From Cebu, Dumaguete or Dapitan, tourists can ride a fast ferry going to Tagbilaran. If visitors are not from the said areas, they can take a charter flight going to Tagbilaran.

A stay in Alona Beach will surely be the best experience that you will have. So why not give yourself a treat and enjoy the white beach of Alona?

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