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The Magsaysay Ancestral House

Those who seek the wealth of our history and heritage would definitely appreciate a visit to the Magsaysay Ancestral House in Castillejos in the beautiful province of Zambales.

by Jhaypee Guia on June 15, 2012
The Magsaysay Ancestral House

Ramon Magsaysay Ancestral House (Castillejos, Zambales)


Those who seek the wealth of our history and heritage would definitely appreciate a visit to the Magsaysay Ancestral House in Castillejos in the beautiful province of Zambales. The house was owned by the late Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay, the seventh President of the Philippines but is now owned, management and maintained by the local government. Ramon Magsaysay died on March 17, 1957 in a plane crashnear the mountain of Manunggal in Cebu Province. The President was recognized as the “Savior of Democracy” and also called as the “Champion of Masses” in the Philippines. Magsaysay was very close to people. He gave back the trust of the masses to the Government during his administration. The death of Magasaysay brought tears to the people. The late president was one of the leaders who had shown deep concern and love to the people as well as to the country.

Magsaysay Ancestral House - Living room

When we hear the name of the Province, Zambales, the name of the President always comes first because the province of Zambales is the birthplace of the seventh president.

The ancestral house is considered a remarkable historical site that can be found in Zambales Province and open to  everyone who wants to see the old house of Magsaysay that showcasing the old structure design with two-story building. The house is very simple and beautiful with full of memories about the president. Inside the house, some of the personal things about the former president such as clothes, books, furnitures, appliances, pictures, and medals are well presented and decorated. Few of the President’s Barong Tagalogs are also displayed in the house. Guests can also spot an old car placed at the back of the home; the Willys Jeep is owned by the president. The car is said to be in a good condition.

Magsaysay Ancestral House - The Presidential car used by Ramon Magsaysay

The house serves as a museum where visitors can find the memorabilia and remembrance about the good leader. The place is ideal for history lovers and for those people who have wish to study about our history. Visiting the ancestral home of President Ramon Magsaysay is definitely one of the best learning experiences people can have during their stay in Zambales. 

 Magsaysay Ancestral House is open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Magsaysay Ancestral House - Painting: Ramon Magsaysay with the American military adviser Gen. Edward Landsdale


When Ramon Magsaysay won the presidential elections in 1953, he was the first President who took the oath for office wearing the Barong Tagalog–the national Filipino clothing for men. It only proves that Ramon Magsaysay was a  proud Filipino through and through.

Magsaysay Ancestral House - Ramon Magsaysay Statue


Some of the resorts and hotels near the area and around ambales Province are:

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Location: Moonbay Marina Waterfront Road, Freeport Zone, Subic (Zambales), Philippines 2209

How to Get There

Zambales is accessible by bus. Tourists can find five terminals for buses in Manilam situated in Caloocan, Cubao, Kamias, Pasay and Sampaloc. The four terminals have trips going to Olongappo and Iba, Zambales except for the Kamias terminal. Pasay is the nearest terminal from the airports in Manila. From Pasay, travel will take around 4 to 5 hours, with the fare ranging from 350 to 400 pesos.

Visitors can explore the province by riding in a jeep or tricycle from one town to another.  

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