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The Picturesque Islands of Quezon Province

Quezon Province is a treasure trove of the riches of nature, and its many dazzling islands with picturesque beaches and greenery offer proof that the province is a paradise to any adventurer with the desire to discover.

by Jhaypee Guia on September 12, 2013
The Picturesque Islands of Quezon Province

View of Patayan Island - Pagbilao, Quezon


Quezon Province is a treasure trove of the riches of nature, and its many dazzling islands with picturesque beaches and greenery offer proof that the province is a paradise to any adventurer with the desire to discover.

Quezon is a province of the Philippines in the CALABARZON region of Luzon. The province is named after Manuel L. Quezon, the second president of the Philippines, and its capital is Lucena City. Quezon Province is endowed with many natural attractions, namely its islands.

Islands of Quezon

  • Talabaan Islands, Off the coast of Padre Burgos

The Talabaan Islands are two islands located off the shore of Padre Burgos town. The bigger of the two, Malaking Talabaan, is a favorite jump-off point to the beaches of Padre Burgos and the neighboring town of Pagbilao. The smaller island, Maliit na Talabaan, is a rock formation jutting out of the sea. What makes the island unique is that the rocks seem to have been curiously arranged and piled.

  • Tulay Buhangin Island, Padre Burgos, Quezon

The island is one of the favorite areas of vacationers who go to Padre Burgos. Although one beachfront has been damaged, other parts of the island are still good for swimming.

  • Pasig Island, Calauag, Quezon

This tourist spot looks very much like an ordinary island nestling in the calm waters of the Pacific. The people who live there (about 25 families) have very dark skin and brown hair. Coconut trees are all over the island. Aside from cogon grass, Bermuda grass also grows in abundance. Part of the perimeter of the island is covered with mangroves. Other parts of the beach are made up of either white sand or rocks. The entrance to the island (distance from the shore is about one kilometer) is good for snorkeling because it has colonies of live corals. During low tide, the corals can be clearly seen from a boat.

  • Baluti Island, Off the coast of Real

Located about three kilometers from the town port of Real, Baluti island covers an area of about 23 hectares. A wide river separates the island, which is a part of the mainland. Many parts of the island are covered with pine trees instead of coconut trees. The beach areas are good for swimming. The water is relatively clear and the gray sand is fine. A slight drop-off is located just about 10 meters from the beachfront.

  • Coccoc Island, Polillo, Quezon

Coccoc is a small island that looks like an umbrella from afar. White sand beaches surround the island. Although quite far from the town proper of Polillo, this particular island is also a favorite picnic area of many locals.

  • Bakaw-bakaw Island, Burdeos, Quezon

The island is about one hectare in size and filled with mangroves, talisay trees and other shrubs. The beach is gently sloping and it has light brown sand and crushed shells. The deeper portion is dotted with isolated coral beds.

  • Binombonan Island, Burdeos, Quezon

The island has an area of one hectare and is still uninhabited. It is circular in shape and ringed by fine white sand. The sand level gradually slopes and the water is very clear. The land is densely forested. Not far from the island is a good spot for snorkeling and diving.

  • Kabalwa Island, Burdeos, Quezon

One of the biggest islands, it is about 40 hectares in area size. Several beaches are also present in the island.

  • Palasan Island, Burdeos, Quezon

Palasan is the biggest of the many islands of Burdeos. It is about 150 hectares in land area. Like the other island, Palasan also has several beaches.

  • Ikulong Island, Burdeos, Quezon

The island is about 15 hectares in size and filled with coconut trees. Like the other islands, it has white sand.

  • Anilon Island, Burdeos, Quezon

The island is about 15 hectares in area and the white sand beach on one side of the island is about one kilometer long and 25 meters wide. During low tide, one end of the island reveals a long stretch of sand which looks like a sand bridge.

  • Katakian Island, Patnanungan, Quezon

The sand on the beach is brown and gently sloping. The beach is about 500 meters long and 20 meters wide. A wide area of coral reef is located near the island.

  • Patayan Island, Pagbilao Grande, Pagbilao, Quezon

Part of the Pagbilao Grande Islands, this is where the Tulay Buhangin (Sand Bridge) is located. People say that Patayan Island was named from the site where the young men of the town were killed by pirates during the olden times. This is the island to which one end of the Tulay Buhangin is connected. The island has a beach known for its smooth stones.

  • Pulong Niugan Island, Barangay Hondagua, Lopez, Quezon

It is the biggest of the three islands near the shore of the municipality of Lopez and the neighboring towns of Calauag and Gumaca. The beach area is gradually sloping. The water is clear. Its best asset is the nearby colonies of corals about 50 meters from the island.

  • Anawan Island, Burdeos, Quezon

Although the beaches in Anawan are good, these are very far from the town pier. The distance is about 1.8 nautical miles. Its land area is about 18 hectares.

How to get there

From Manila you can reach Quezon Province by riding a bus to your destination. Travel time will take more or less 4 hours.

Here is the list of terminals where you can catch buses with trips to Quezon.

  • EDSA-Kamuning
  • Cubao
  • Buendia-Taft
  • EDSA-Pasay

Ride a bus from the following stations to the different cities and towns in Quezon. Guided tours and rented transportation are available which would take you to the particular island or area you desire to visit.

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