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Vigattin Insurance
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Vigattin Insurance - launching soon

Vigattin Inc. through the help of the highly innovative and competitive IT professionals is proud to announce that they will be launching their 5th website which they named as Vigattin Insurance.

by Erick Jayson Correa on June 01, 2015

Vigattin Inc. through the help of the highly innovative and competitive IT professionals is proud to announce that they will be launching their 5th website which they named as Vigattin Insurance. It is an online quotation for car insurance which protects your vehicle from physical damage, theft or the high cost of repairs. The good thing about Vigattin Insurance is that if gives user FREE quotations in a matter of minutes with 35% discount



Free 24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance:

  • 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance Program
  • Free Towing: 4,000.00 / Removal with Crane: 15,000.00
  • Free Vehicle Breakdown such as:

          - jumpstart
          - battery boosting
          - tire changing
          - delivery of gasoline (cost of gasoline not included)
          - locksmitch service

  • Free Hotel Accomodation  up to Php 2,000
  • Free Replacement Vehicle Service up to Php 2,000 (max of 2 nights)
  • Free Return of Driver of up to Php 1,000
  • Free Defensive Driving Seminar (on a per schedule basis)
  • Free Emergency Manage Relay Service
  • Minor on site repair

Other Benefits:

  • Immediate Dispatch of Adjuster in case of accidents which involve 3rd party (Bodily Injury / Property Damage)
  • Arrangement of Ambulance Services
  • Arrangement for Hospital Admission
  • Arrangement for Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • Arrangement for Locksmith Assistance
  • Arrangement for Legal Assistance
  • Emergency Room Assistance
  • Claims Information Assistance
  • Referral to Accredited (LTO, MMDA & PNP)
  • Motor Vehicle Registration (Assitance Services)
  • Carnapping Alarm Assistance
  • Service by Professional Call Center


JUST and GUARANTEED SERVICE, the guiding force both initially and the finality of everything. From the moment the company commits itself to the client, this vision and mission will be incorporated in everything that the company does. The company is JUST in all its dealings and representations to all clients and principals taking into consideration the thought of being equal and fair in all its dealings.

The company GUARANTEES that all transactions as well as representations are legal, binding and most important of all fair to all concerned. Though the company espouses a profitable and beneficial business environment, it likewise guarantee that once commitment is given, the achievement of the purpose and end goal of such a commitment is met to the final detail.

Finally, the company ensures that SERVICE is given not only its principals but to its clients as well. The company is basically anchored on one thing and that is service to everybody. The company prides itself for being SERVICE-oriented. The industry is in the mainstream of giving service to the public and that the company is in line with such an inclination.

The vision and mission speaks highly of what the company is and what the company does. The optimum solution to all the industry’s problem can thus be answered by giving effect to the justness which is non-existent in most insurance practices. That it guarantees prompt and immediate response to the needs of the public and that service is provided for everyone concerned.


Comprehensive Motor Car Insurance Coverage protects your vehicle from physical damage, theft or the high cost of repairs. It can also be extended to shield you from any legal liability against accident to third party arising out of the use of your vehicle.

The limits of liability of the Insurer are the amounts specified in the policy either for loss or damage to the vehicle or for liability to the third parties.

Classification of Motor Vehicle Insurance:

  • Private Car Policy
  • Commercial Vehicle Policy
  • Land Transportation Operators Policy (LTO)
  • Motorcycle Policy
  • Motor trade Insurance

Basic Coverage:

  • Own Damage / Theft or Loss and Damage
  • Excess Bodily Injury
  • Excess Property Damage
  • Auto Personal Accident
  • Compulsory Third Party Liability


  1. Alpha Insurance & Surety Company
  2. Corporate Guarantee and Insurance Company
  3. People's General and Insurance Corporation
  4. Standard Insurance

Vigattin Insurance is expected to be launched this June. So, what are you waiting for? Get Quotes Now at to avail the 35% discount.

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