Surigao del Sur

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Surigao del Sur

Exotic and Beautiful: Describing the Islands of Surigao Del Sur

One of the last remaining frontier province of the Philippines and has been hailed as an "Adventurer's Shangri-La by the Pacific," Surigao Del Sur, like the other best destinations spot in the country, is an exciting getaway for the weary traveler, a feast for the eyes as it showcases fine white sand, clear seawater, and a breathtaking view of the province from the shore.

Ayoke Islet – this island is famous for two reasons. The first is because of kolo, a fruit similar to langka but have different taste. Then second is, the islet is the home to the town’s lighthouse used to guide fisherman and passenger ships pasing the area.

Bag-ong Banwa Island – the shoreline is a stretch of very fine white sand beaches. There is a cave located where spelunkers’ enthusiast will enjoy its extraordinary stalactites and stalagmites. The island is part of General Island fronting the Pacific Ocean and a 30-minute boat ride from Cantilan Wharf.

Bat Island – also known as Mangkagangi Island, the island is covered with white beach, guano-filled caves and bats inside, offering a unique experience to all adventure seekers. Just a few meters from the island is a deep blue sea which is ideal for scuba diving.

Britania Island – composed of more than a dozen beautiful islets with splendid vegetation and white beaches. The intact coral formation offers a beautiful snorkeling and scuba diving spot.

Casarica Island – the island is lined of pristine white beach with crystal clear waters which is only a 10-minute ride by pump boat from Consuelo Port.

Hagonoy Island – this is an island filled with coconut and green trees surrounded by a beautiful white beach and a blue, crystal clear and calm water ideal for swimming. The 1.7-hectare island with perimeter white sand is a 20-minute ride by a motorized banca from Mangagoy, Bislig City.

Huyamao Island – this private majestic island covered with very fine white sand is presently owned by the nine heirs of the late Teodoro Urbiztondo. You would not fail to notice the white sand along the mountain island that is compatible to the sandbar of Camiguin. Its water is so pristine; you can even clearly see the sea bed while riding a banca.

Cabgan Island – this is a mile long pristine white sand beach, multicolored reefs, good for scuba diving, swimming, and fishing.

Turtle Island – the island is an 8-hectare beach where multicolored reefs abound. It has white sand and blue waters teeming with marine life. Viewed from a distance, the shape and formation of this island is like a huge turtle floating on the Pacific Ocean. It is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. It is accessible by pump boat for about 30 minutes.

Twin Islands of Linungao – are big and small islands that tower over Tandag. These are veritable havens of white sand, multi-faceted rocks fringed with skyscraping trees dominated by monkeys and singing birds, being the habitat of age-old bats.

Deepen your enthusiasm with the Philippines as you visit Surigao’s Islands. After reading this, I am quite sure that Surigao might be on top of your list when it comes to island hopping.

Venture to Surigao del Sur

From Manila, there are daily flights either to Butuan City, Surigao City, and Davao City which are entry points to Surigao del Sur.


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