Ormoc City

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Ormoc City

Ormoc City, Leyte

Ormoc City Pier

Ormoc is a bustling city that just keeps on growing, thanks in part to its vast natural resources, access to geothermal energy and its hardworking people.  Ormoc continues to be a leading, progressive city in the south.

The city of Ormoc is a first-clas city in the province of Leyte, Philippines. The city's name is derived from “Ogmok,” an old Visayan term for lowland or depressed plain. It is the first non-provincial city in the Philippines. Ormoc is the economic, cultural, commercial and transportation hub of western Leyte.

Ormoc's Queen Pineapple is famous for its sweetness, a favorite pasalubong, and the unofficial icon of the city.

Ormoc City is an independent component city, not subject to regulation from the provincial government of Leyte. However, the city is part of Congressional District IV of Leyte together with the towns of Albuera, Kananga, Merida, and Isabel.

Natural features

Ormoc City is a port city and is the largest city by land area in Leyte and second largest in Eastern Visayas after Calbayog City in Samar. Fronting Ormoc Bay, the city's terrain is mostly of gently rolling plains. It is bounded on the northwest by the towns of Matag-ob and Merida, in the north by Kananga, in the northeast by the towns of Jaro, Pastrana and Dagami, and in the south by the town of Albuera. High mountain ranges separate Ormoc from the eastern portion of Leyte. Numerous rivers and streams traverse Ormoc. Among them are the Bao River in the north, Pagsangahan River in the west, the Bagong-bong River in the south, the Panilahan River also in the south and the Anilao and Malbasag Rivers which border the eastern and western flanks of Ormoc City proper.

People and Culture

The natives of this city are called Ormocanons, with most being Cebuano speakers (or Kana, as Cebuano-speakers in Leyte and Southern Leyte are often called) together with the whole western part of Leyte island. The people relate more to neighboring towns and Cebu than to eastern Leyte itself. Ormoc boasted itself for being a Cebuano city.

Like most Filipinos, Ormocanons are predominantly Roman Catholic, and the city celebrates its annual fiesta in honor of the patron saints Saint Peter and Saint Paul on June 28 and 29. Other main Catholic holy days, including the local fiestas of barangays, are observed throughout the year. There is also a visible Muslim minority within the city and all over the island, evidenced by the occasional mosque in the cityscape, and most of them are Maranaos from Mindanao.


  • Lake Danao is a violin-shaped lake three kilometers long at an elevation of 2,100 feet (640 m) above sea level. There are floating cottages, and boats are available for hire.
  • Tongonan Hot Springs National Park is a valley of geothermal power source that can supply electricity to the whole region. The first geothermal plant to operate in the Philippines.
  • Leyte Golf and Country Club is a golfing resort covering more than 80 hectares of semi-rolling terrain, located 7 km from the heart of Ormoc City.
  • Pineapple Plantation lies in 210 hectares in rolling terrain located north of the city in Brgy. Hibunawon. Ormoc's Queen Pineapple is famous for its sweetness, a favorite pasalubong, and the unofficial icon of the city.
  • Centennial Park, located in the city, is a leisure and picnic ground for the young and old alike.

Cleanest and Greenest City

Ormoc City is a consistent winner of the Cleanest and Greenest City Program of the DILG from 1995 to the present. The Asian Institute of Management's study titled The Philippine Cities Competitiveness Ranking Project 2005 ranked the city first in 'infrastructure' and tenth in 'dynamism of local economy' among small cities of the Philippines.



A list of hotels that can be found in the province of Leyte that offer accommodations:

  • Ormoc Villa Hotel  Location: Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines
  • Don Felipe Hotel  Location: Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines
  • Leyte Park Hotel Resort  Location: Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines
  • Tacloban Plaza Hotel  Location: Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines
  • Leyte Park Hotel Resort  Location: Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines
  • Palermo Hotel  Location: Baybay, Leyte, Philippines


How to get there

By land

Tourists can reach Leyte Province via by air via Tacloban City, the capital city of Leyte. Local airlines from Manila have daily trips to Tacloban City.  From there, Buses and vans are available as a mode of transportation when touring the province.

By sea

Tourists can also reach Leyte by ferry boat from Cebu going to Ormoc City. From there, air-conditioned vans can take you around the province.