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Go Nature Adventure at Apayao!

Do you want to trek the highest peak in Apayao or discover misty mountains with different contours and peaks? Experience a thrilling spelunking expedition? Witness the different majestic falls and be rewarded the pleasures of nature? Well, go now to “the Cordillera’s Last Frontier for Natural Richness’’ – the Apayao Province.

Apayao is one of the remotest and northernmost parts of Luzon due to being lodged in the middle of the Cordillera Mountains. Its northern part has mountainous terrain with rolling peaks, hills, plateus, and valleys which are good haven for many adventurers. It also has a large tract of flat lands, rain forests, hardwoods and savanna grass. These endowments gave Apayao a place in the tourism in the Philippines.

There is an abundance of caves, underground rivers, and waterfalls throughout the province. Here are the popular destinations that might give you a priceless travel experience:

Trek the highest peak!

Mt. Solo, the tallest mountain in the province, is a challenging hike even for the experienced climber. It is located in Pudtol and considered as one of the must-see spots in the region.

Another good place is the Mt. View Deck located in Turod, Luna, Apayao. It is the highest peak in the municipality and here is where the DOTC telephone receiver is constructed. Different orchids and ornamental plants are found here, providing you with a sweet and breathtaking view of the province.

Go spelunking!

The province of Apayao takes pride in its fascinating caves unmatched in the rest of Cordilleras. In the municipality of Luna, three fascinating caves may be found, namely Allabang Cave, Lussok Crystal Cave, and Nalvo. Other good destinations for cave hopping are the caves of Purit and Anganupan, holding various stalagmite formations. They are great places for spelunkers and perfect examples of the beauty of the natural wonders of the country.

Appreciate magnificent waterfalls!

Apayao also boasts about its collection of waterfalls which is good for sightseeing and photography. They vary in height and are found along the rivers of Apayao. Bayugao Falls is a refreshing dip in the cool waters of Apayao. It is a great scenic spot with a 3-deck natural pools rising about 12 meters from each other.

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Nature lovers would always find Apayao a good tourist destination.