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Pateros, Here I Come!

Like the rest of the cities that comprises the Metropolitan area, Pateros city has a lot of interesting places that lure the tourists into going here and checking out its historical, cultural or man-made sites. Here are the best places that you can visit in the city.

Historical Places…

• Dulong Bayan Monument – the historical landmark was created in memory of many people in Pateros resisted against the Spanish authorities. Among them were Guillermo Manalo and Eusebio Hermosa. The monument is the place where they died defending their town and a site depicting the events of Philippine Revolution in 1896. Every August 29, a celebration in their honor is always held, the monument being the center of the celebration.
• Manggahan Shrine – The Manggahan separates Pateros from Pasig. On this boundary line, two of the local heroes, Macario Almeda and Marcos Lozada were shot to death in their struggle to defend the town. For this reason, every 29th of August, like in Dulong Bayan, a program commemorating the dead heroes is held in Manggahan.

Culture Heritage…

• San Roque Church – the church was built in 1815 having San Roque as the patron. It has a high tower on the right side where the church bells are situated. The interior of the church is well-furnished with new benches, chandeliers, and a well-planned simple altar. Its architecture is simple both inside and outside.
• Old Houses – model of ancient archetype of houses in Pateros.
• Garden Of Memories – a private cemetery which serve as park for the residents of Pateros, Taguig, Pasig, Makati and other nearby towns.

Prosperous Industry…

• Balutan – Pateros being known as the balut capital of the Philippines. To unfold the history, in 1300, balut industry was introduced by the Chinese traders due to the fact that Pateros by that time is rich in suso, sam-buele, tulya and kohol which are the main food source of ducks.
•  Alfombra Factory – Pateros being also known as the biggest manufacturer of quality alfombra slippers.

Natural Attractions...

•  Pateros River – In ancient times, serves as the central port/focal point, which allows the ancient traders to disembark merchandise and engage in commerce. Presently, a target site for linear river parks development project under the Pasig River Rehabilitation Program.

Colorful Festivals...

• Withstanding passage of time, Pateros City is one of the best places for both local and foreign tourists for its exceptional celebrations of festivals. Balut sa Puti Festival is one of the well-known revelry where thousands of participants from all over the country have come to be part of its history.

Getting around

You can go to Pateros by commuting, from MRT Guadalupe Station; you can find the jeepney terminal with Pateros-bounds jeeps. If you came from Makati, you can ride a jeep in front of Stock Exchange building at Ayala Center Terminal in Ayala Avenue. There are also jeepneys with Pasig-Pateros route in EDSA Central near MRT Shaw Boulevard Station.

There are many inns, pension houses, and hotels located near the town center. Some are the following:

•    Grand Villa Resort & Restaurant - 866 P. Herrera Street, Barangay Aguho, Pateros, Metro Manila
•    Villa Monica Clubhouse - 526 M. Almeda Street, Barangay San Roque, Pateros, Metro Manila    
•    C & N Building Pavilion - 50 M. Almeda Street, Barangay San Roque, Pateros, Metro Manila    
•    Jamyka Penthouse - Lt. Tiamsic Street, Barangay Sto. Rosario-Kanluran, Pateros, Metro Manila    
•    Artina Pavilion - 73 Marianode Borja Compound, S. Tuazon Street, Barangay Poblacion, Pateros, Metro Manila    
•    Dos Hermanas Restaurant - B. Morcilla St.Barangay Poblacion, Pateros, Metro Manila