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Agnes Lark

Ultimate Adventures around the Philippines

on November 21, 2014

The tourism industry in the Philippine is really prospering owing to its diverse tourist attractions spread in the thousands of its islands. These islands are the ultimate joints for adventure be it in the jungle, in the water or even on its rising landscape. The rivers, mountains, thick forests and the surrounding ocean offer one of the most thrilling adventures in forms of mountaineering, water boarding, rafting and a safari in the forests. These unique adventures are available in the vast Philippines.

1. Rock and Mountain climbing

-This is such an experience and may really look as very scary while ascending the high mighty rocks and hills in the country.

-One very adventurous activity will be the climbing of the Kapurpurawan Rocks in Burgos. This offers such a lovely scenery from the top for one is able to see the spectacular land of South China.

-More is to be offered on these rocks such as diving from the peaks armed with a head helmet in Boracay and mountain climbing in Sangada and many mountains in the country.

2. Water Adventuring

-This is another interesting adventure in the country. This is thanks to the many rivers and the large water space in the surrounding ocean all around the nation.

-Water boarding is even more fun in these rivers and sea because the ocean waves vary and cruising on the see while holding ropes is just immense fun.

-Surfing in the beaches and deep sea diving gives one such an enthusiastic feeling of joy and greatness. The bottom of the sea contains such a lovely species of fish and plants.

-The rivers are also popular with rafting. The exhilarating feeling is more because the rivers has many lives such that at some points the flow faster, slower of have cataracts and waterfalls making this excursion so memorable. Rafting in the Cagayan De Oro River in a crew of six will ultimately be unforgettable and immense fun.

-Swimming in the cold rivers and oceans are also of massive pleasure because of the natural feeling away from the swimming pool experience.

3. The Zip Line

-For those who want to give a try on heights this is the adventure. The 840 meter dual-zip line is situated in Bukidnon lets one cruise over it at a high speed while being hooked to it. Glancing downwards may really make you yell with pleasure and much awe.

-This lets you pass over some of the loveliest trees beneath and get to get an aerial the beautiful stretch of the province.

-As you fly attached to the line, the breeze sweeps gently through you giving you such a col breath-taking feeling as never felt anywhere else.

-The experience will leave you screaming with utmost joy and kill your perception and fear about heights for sure.

The Zip Line

4. Tour the jungle

-Philippines is no doubt a country blessed with a great variety of wild animals both in water and on land. Step out of the ordinary and take a wild trip to Suburic in Zambales in a well secured jeep and get to see over four hundred tigers roaming about and growl loudly. You also get the rare chance of seeing and feeding hungry crocodiles, ride camels and see an animal parade in Aeta village. Wild in the wild safari, you also get the rare chance of seeing a variety of monkeys chattering and dancing as well as beautiful butterflies all over.

-You can also get to swim with whale sharks in deep sea diving in Donyon and also get the rare opportunity to see dolphins dance joyously in Tanon Strait.

-The animal and fish variety is worth sampling out

-As one wanders in the forest, the interaction with various animals and seeing different species of trees and plant life is simply adventurous.

-A tour to Pinnatubo crater will also be worth your time. lt is glorifying.

After sampling the best of Philippines' adventure one may also apply for an online Turkish visa and get a lot more adventures worth a lifetime.