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Jonathan Yabut Wins First Ever Apprentice Asia!

on August 01, 2013
Jonathan Yabut Wins First Ever Apprentice Asia!

"Jonathan Yabut, you are hired," said Tony Fernandes in the last episode of The Apprentice Asia.

Cheers and applauses errupted at HyvE last night as we all watched how Jonathan bested Andrea Loh Ern-Yu, his final contender in AA. It was Jonathan's victory party and I was so lucky to be invited by this awesome person. I came with Jill Lava of Smart's Public Affairs Group and everyone who attended definitely had a blast!

The 5 other finalists of AA were also there, flying all the way from all parts of Asia to celebrate Jonathan's sweet victory. Of course, Celina le Neindre was also there, the other Pinay finalist who became a valuable friend to Jonathan during and even after the show. In his speech, Jonathan said that Filipinos really help each other through thick and thin, and that he's very thankful that Celina was there to help him during the finals.

The Apprentice Asia Experience

In our Vigattin Radio Program last Saturday, Jonathan shared with us how he got in to AA. He was already a big fan of The Apprentice during his college days. When he learned that The Apprentice was now in Asia, he firmly grabbed the opportunity and sent his application.

The Apprentice Asia experience was so stressful, Jonathan and Celina said. All the 12 finalists were stuck in one house for two months without any connection to the outside world. They went through difficult tasks every day. The drama was all part of the game. But in the end, they all learned huge lessons that could change their lives forever.

from left to right: Dussadee Oeawpanich, Nazril Idrus, Nik Aisyah Amirah Binti Mansor, Jonathan Yabut, Andrea Loh Ern-Yu, Samuel Rufus Nallaraj, and Celina le Neindre

Proudly Pinoy

"I'm pretty much a self-made man. I went through preparatory school to college all through scholarships. I'm not saying these things because I want your pity but because I made it big, sir, without anything else. And that's something I'm very proud of," Jonathan told Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia, during one of the first episodes of AA. He represents the hardwork, dedication, and resourcefulness of our fellow Filipinos.

"When I wear this Filipino flag pin, it's not because I'm too nationalistic. It's because I want to serve as that inspiration to the rest of my country that there is hope, that I represent that hope in them, sir. That despite the fact that you may be from poor beginnings, you can make it big," he said.

"When I joined The Apprentice, this was all about one thing - the Filipinos to stand out."
- Jonathan Yabut

Jonathan truly has the charisma and humility to touch the hearts of the Filipinos. He entered AA not just for himself, but for all the Filipinos to be inspired and motivated to be the best that they can be. He wants to stop the bullying and racism against Pinoys; rather, he wants us to earn respect by showing the world that we can do it as well as, if not even better than, they can.

"This victory is for each and every Filipino out there... that you can never ever be too small to dream big."
- Jonathan Yabut

 I with Jonathan Yabut, Apprentice Asia's Grand Winner who stays so humble even after this great triumph

This accomplishment is another one of many things that we, Filipinos, should celebrate. In witnessing Jonathan's victory in person, I was a bit overwhelmed but really driven to make Vigattin Inc. a huge success. I want Vigattin Radio and our multi-website - Vigattin.com, VigattinTourism.com, VigattinDeals.com, and VigattinTrade.com - to be something that Filipinos can also be proud of. I know that with the right frame of mind and determination, Vigattin will make it big. And when that time comes, I'll always look back to this moment, to Jonathan's victory, because he has been such an inspiration to me. Quoting Jonathan, "Dreams are for free," so let's all seize our dreams!


To sum it up, it was a night full of merry celebration and overflowing gratitude!


Nazril Idrus, one of the Top 12 finalists of AA, and me

Celina le Neindre, the only other Pinay finalist in AA, and me

Samuel Rufus Nallaraj, one of the Top 12 finalists of AA, and me

I with Mr. Allen Inac Yabut, father of Jonathan, who told me how his son has showed brilliance even at a young age

Andrea Loh Ern-Yu, the final contender of Jonathan in AA, and me

Jill Lava of the Smart's Public Affairs Group and Jonathan Yabut, the Grand Winner of AA

Really, it's more fun in the Philippines!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!
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