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Shawn Andrei Summers

Camiguin’s Eden: Mantigue Island

on February 06, 2015
Camiguin’s Eden: Mantigue Island

The Philippines is known all over the world for its great beaches. As a traveler and a beach bummer, I’ve only seen a few of them. From the famous beach of Boracay to its small version in Cavite, I certainly agree that the biodiversity of our archipelago is very rich and definitively world class.

From brown, black to white beaches, the Philippines is so blessed to have these alluring destinations! With my minimal list of the beaches I've soaked myself into; one divine shore still tops them all. It's the white sand beach of Mantigue Island in Camiguin.

Camiguin is a small island just where you can access via roro. You can get a ride from the port of Cagayan De Oro.

The island province of Camiguin is home to some of the best spots in our country. Like the white sand bar (which you can only access when it's low tide), the beautiful cool waters of Katibawasan falls, the historical sunken cemetery and a lot more destinations to enjoy!

Meanwhile, Camiguin’s Eden, the Mantigue Island, is located just across the main island and its clear waters and bright white sands will welcome you as you approach the shore. Some residents will also welcome you with their warmest smiles and will you the freshest seafood harvested from the vast marine farm surrounding the island.

Limited time is given to travelers to stay in the island to keep the serenity and cleanliness of Mantigue. We were only allowed to stay for four hours but I was able to roam around the island for approximately 25 minutes, plus some stops to take some photos.


How to get to Mantigue:

You can take a plane ride from Manila going to Cagayan De Oro. Then take a tricycle ride to the port of Cagayan de Oro. You should be able to get a ride on a Roro going to Benoni Port. After arriving in Benoni Port, get a ride to the shore and have a boat ride there to Mantigue Island.