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Discover and Experience Northern Samar

Camiguin is blessed with both natural and historical riches. Its attractions never fail to disappoint. It is definitely one of the stops any adventurer should make. Old Catarman Church Ruins and Cross Marker and Sunken Cemetery are two of the town’s proudest attractions, the landmarks bridging the past to the present.

by Jhaypee Guia on July 13, 2012
Discover and Experience Northern Samar

Puro Beach Resorts at Northern Samar

Northern Samar is a province of the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas region. Its capital is Catarman and is located at the northern portion of the island of Samar. Bordering the province to the south are the provinces of Samar and Eastern Samar. To the northwest, across the San Bernardino Strait is Sorsogon; to the east is the Philippine Sea and to the west is Samar Sea.


Northern Samar has a lot of tourism potentials that are still undiscovered and unknown by many tourists. You can find famous old churches, beautiful falls, rivers, caves, virgin forests, beaches, and other secret places.

Three of these “secret” places are the island Municipalities of Biri, Capul and Dalupirit (San Antonio), all off the coast of Northern Samar.

Remote and desolate, and definitely off the normal tourist track, forgotten Northern Samar evokes powerful images.

Among the last frontiers in the country, its rugged coastline of limestone cliffs along the Pacific Ocean is a historical landmark. During the Spanish colonial era, Samar island was the first Philippine landfall seen by the Manila galleons as they approached the end of their long voyage from Acapulco.

Entering the waters of the Philippine archipelago, the galleons called at the fortified island of Capul off Samar, offered thanks for a safe crossing at the Jesuit church, and then negotiated the rough waters of narrow San Bernardino Strait toward Manila, their final destination.

Capul also became the last stop on Philippine soil of the departing galleons before the long, often treacherous trans-Pacific sail to Acapulco in Mexico.

Tourist Attractions


Location: Capul Island, one hour by boat from Allen, Northern Samar, 247 kms. from Tacloban City.

Description: The lighthouse was constructed by the US army corps and engineers. This is situated at the northernmost point of the island and serves as the guidepost for traveling vessels. The big guns once mounted there were intended to support the plans. It was the Japanese Imperial Navy’s grand design and last desperate assault to destroy the American Landings at Leyte Gulf.

  • Batag Lighthouse

Location: Brgy. Marubay, Laoang, 51 kms. from Catarman; accessible by motorboat from Rawis.

Description: Magnificent natural rock formation made more beautiful by the Maydolong landscape aficionados.

  • Church of the Immaculate Conception

Location: Guiuan, Eastern Samar

Description: A 16th century church with its entire structure still preserved including old relics of "santos", handcarved altars and doors.

  • Guitagican Beach

Location: Barangay Santa Maria in the town of Borongan.

Description: A 2-kilometer long beautiful white beach ideal for surfing and swimming.

  • Divinuvo Island

Location: A 3-sq. kilometer island in Brgy. Lalawigan, Borongan.

Description: It has a crystal-clear water, white beach, swaying palm trees, multi- colored fishes and corals beneath; best suited for scuba diving and swimming.

  • Hamorawon Spring

Location: At the heart of the town of Borongan.

Description: A natural spring said to be miraculous. This spring as the Boronganons say, is full of legend that whoever takes a bath in this cool spring especially foreigners, will surely go home with a Boronganon wife. Around this spring is Spanish built stone wall.

  • San Julian Beach

Location: 17 kms. north of Borongan.

Description: Beautiful white beach. Just a few meters away from the beach with swaying palm trees lies a small lake with fresh water.

  • Mercedes Beach

Location: Brgy, Bus-bua, 2 kms. north of Guiuan.

Description: A clean white beach considered as a tourist haven. It offers a lot of excitement as you go paddling through its crystal-clear blue waters.


  • Bani Island Beaches

Location: Lavezares, Northern Samar, 248 kms. from Tacloban City; can be reached by half-hour motorboat ride from Lavezares.

Description: Ideal for scuba diving; best for swimming.

  • Catawgan Beach

Location: San Roque townproper; can be reached by land transport.

Description: White sandy beach ideal for swimming.

  • Talisay Beach

Location: Biri, Northern Samar; half-hour motorboat ride from Lavezares.

Description: Ideal swimming spot; magnificent corals and shells abound.

  • Pearl Farm & Panganuron Beach Resort

Location: San Vicente, Northern Samar; can be reached by a 2-hour motorboat ride from San Isidro.

Description: Established pearl farm; cool breeze along sandy beach; attracts pearl- lovers and picnickers.

  • Gemini Beach Resort

Location: Brgy. Urdaneta, Lavezares, Northern Samar.

  • Marsans Beach Resort

Location: Lavezares, Northern Samar.

  • Panganoron Beach Resort

Location: San Vicente, Northern Samar.

  • Kinagatusan Cave (unexplored)

Location: Las Navas, Northern Samar.

  • Paninirongan Cave

Location: Pambujan, Northern Samar.

  • Sohoton Cave (unexplored)

Location: San Isidro, Northern Samar.

  • Langtaran Beach

Location: UEP, Catarman, Northern Samar.

  • Talalora Beach

Location: Palapag, Northern Samar

  • Spice of Lifeh

Location: Allen, Northern Samar

  • Gamma Beach

Location: Allen, Northern Samar

  • S & M Beach Resort

Location: Bobon, Northern Samar

  • German Village

Location: Bobon, Northern Samar

  • San Roque Beach

Location: San Roque, Northern Samar.

Description: A 5-kilometer long stretch of fine white, pink, brown and black sand beach gradually slopes into an ocean of clear, blue waters teeming with fish and other marine life.

  • Tamburusan Beach

Location: Catarman, Northern Samar; 2 kms from Catarman and accessible by road.

Description: Refreshing sandy beach with sea breeze wafting from San Bernardino Strait and coconut palms along the shoreline; ideal for swimming, surfing and boating.

Description: Cool and breezy; big waves.

  • Rosario Hotsprings

Location: Rosario, Northern Samar; can be reached by land transportation; 27 kms. from Catarman.

Description: Legend-full hotspring frequented by the sick and afflicted who believed it has miraculous effect; believed to be blessed by the Virgin Mary; sulfuric water.

  • Silvino Lobos

Location: Silvino Lobos, Northern Samar; can be reached by motorboat or banca via Pambujan River.

Description: Cool and soothing climate comparable to Baguio; deemed as the Summer Capital of Northern Samar.

Location: Biri, Northern Samar; jump-off point at Lavezares town.

Description: This island town is blessed with unique natural beauty. Biri, known for its awe-inspiring rock formations carved due to big waves of the San Bernardino Strait that lap up the eastern portion of its shore.

  • Bito Cave

Location: Capul Island, Northern Samar; accessible by a 2-hour motorboat ride from Allen town.

Description: Wonderful stalactites and stalagmites; guano on the floor.

  • Gomag Cave

Location: Mapanas, Northern Samar; 2 kms from Mapanas town proper; can be reached by motorboat.

Description: A natural underground chamber.

  • Cabacungan Cave

Location: Allen, Northern Samar.

Description: A natural lagoon.

Location: Victoria, Northern Samar; can be reached by any land transport; half-km from Allen.

Description: A potential source of hydro-electric power; pride of Allen and San Isidro.

  • Pinipisakan Falls

Location: Las Navas, Northern Samar; accessible by motorboat or banca via the Catubig River; 15 kms from Catubig townproper.

Description: Contains a series of star-like waterfalls; good picnic site cool climate.

  • Veriato Falls

Location: Catarman, Northern Samar; 2 kms from Catarman and accessible by road.

Location: Victoria, Northern Samar; 239 kms. from Tacloban City, located 60 meters from a lovely beach.

Description: Beautiful natural pools.

  • Mombon Finger Corals

Location: 3 minutes travel time from Mondragon town proper to Mombon.

Attraction: Good for swimming.


Location: Capul Island, accessible by a 2- hour motorboat trip from Allen, Northern Samar.

Description: A 15th-century church, 85% of its original form is preserved. Adjacent to it is the 11-meter high belfry.

  • Laoang Church

Location: Laoang, Northern Samar; 304 kms. from Tacloban City.

Description: St. Michael, the Archangel Church built by the Franciscan Friars.

  • Catubig Church

Location: Catubig, Northern Samar; 322 kms. from Tacloban City.

Description: Constructed during the 16th century; a product of force labor of the Catubignon's forefathers.

  • Palapag Church

Location: Palapag, Northern Samar.

Description: A 15th-century old Church ruins where Spanish friars were slain by Sumoroy which set off the Sumoroy Revolt.


  • University of Eastern Philippines

Location: Catarman, Northern Samar; accessible by land transportation; only 3 kms. from Catarman townproper.

Description: The only state university in Samar Island. The campus faces the Pacific Ocean and is nestled between hills; well-landscaped grounds and sunken garden; and amphitheater carved on a mountainside which can accommodate 10,000 people.

  • Scout City, UEP

Location: Catarman, Northern Samar.

Description: Venue of national, regional and provincial boy scout jamborees; offers panoramic view of the San Bernardino Strait on the west and the Pacific Ocean on the east.

Where to stay

Here is the list of accommodations in the area that have a good service and quality rooms for everyone who wants to stay for a few days in the province.

  • BLUE WATER LODGE - Brgy Sto. Niño, Biri
  • CAPUL ISLAND BEACH RESORT - Brgy. San Luis, Capul
  • BLUE WATER LODGE - Brgy Sto. Niño, Biri
  • GV PENSION HOUSE - Marcos St. Catarman
  • HAVEN OF FUN BEACH RESORT - San Antonio, N. Samar
  • HILL CREST INN - Sitio Barinig, Brgy. San Miguel, Lavezeres
  • SASA PENSION HOUSE - Jacinto St., Brgy. Yakal
  • WELL JOHN HOTEL - San Roque, N. Samar
  • VILLA AMOR - Biri, N. Samar

Where to dine

Here is the list of restaurants that can be found in the province that offer delicious food. A perfect place after a long trip going to the province.

  • THE NEST RESTAURANT - Garcia Street, Catarman N. Samar
  • FARM BAKE SHOP AND RESTAURANT - Market Site, Catarman N. Samar
  • SH DINE INN - Magsaysay St. Brgy. Narra, Catarman N. Sama
  • COFFEE HUB - Cor. Del Pilar & Roxas St., Catarman N. Samar
  • RANCHO GLORIA - Brgy. Macagtas,Catarman N. Samar
  • BODEGA BILLARD BAR & DISCO - Allen Pier, Allen N. Samar
  • JOEYBEE RESTAURANT - Allen Pier, Allen N. Samar
  • GENIES'S RESTAURANT - Cor. Roxas & Del Pilar Stret, Catarman N. Samar

How to get there

By air

From Manila, tourist can reach the province of Northern Samar by riding a plane via Catarman - the capital city of the province. Local airlines - Zest Air, PAL Express, and Cebu Pacific - have daily trips going to Catarman. The travel time will take more or less 1 hour from Manila.

By Land

From Manila, tourists can also reach Northern Samar by land transportation. There are buses that have daily trips to the province. Buses can be found particularly in Cubao where the terminal of bus is located.

The bus will travel going to Matnog in Sorsogon. From there, the bus will have to ride on a ferry boat to reach the Allen Port. Allen is one of the towns in the province where its port is very important for inter-island transportation. From Allen, the bus will continue traveling going to Catarman. Travel time will take about 15 to 16 hours from Manila to Catarman.

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