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TOP 10 Highest Mountains in the Philippines

The Philippines is dotted with towering mountains that are perfect for hiking and trekking. So, to all mountaineers out there, gear up and visit these 10 highest mountains in the country!

by Jhaypee Guia on May 22, 2012
TOP 10 Highest Mountains in the Philippines

1) Mount Apo – Davao/North Cotabato

This volcanic mountain is situated between the two beautiful provinces of Davao and North Cotabato. This is the tallest mountain in the Philippines, having an elevation of 2,956 meters, which offers a wonderful scene. That’s why it is one of the most visited places in the country – especially by hikers and mountaineers. It takes two to three days to get to the majestic peak of mountain, with a leisurely spectacle of various species of endemic animals and birds. In fact, over 272 bird species – including the Philippine Eagle, the world’s largest eagles and country’s national bird – are living here. Durian fruit also grows abundantly in Mount Apo.

2) Mount Dulang-Dulang – Bukidnon

Mount Dulang-Dulang can be found in Kitanglad Range,Bukidnon. This mountain is the second highest peak in the Philippines at 2,938 meters of elevation. Mountaineers named this mountain “D2” which means 2nd Dominant. It has a mystical aura, a panoramic view, and a variety of beautiful landscapes.It also houses a very impressive forest. You can see wide pine trees, a grassland, and rare species such as flying lemurs, monkeys, wild boars, squirrels and other animals which is an endemic wildlife of the place. This mountain is prominent for its pineapple plantation which is the biggest in the world. Also,it is a sacred and important place to the tribesmen in Bukidnon.

3) Mount Pulag – Benguet

Mount Pulag is located in Cordillera Range, Benguet. It is 2,922 meters high. Mount Apo and Mount Dulang-Dulang are only 34 meters and 16 meters higher, respectively. It possesses a magical view and an out-of-this-world sight. The native tribes of the area say that Mount Pulag is the “Playground of the Gods”. It is the natural habitat of the endemic dwarf bamboo and the Benguet pine; it is also home of the four species of cloud rats which can only be found in the area of Benguet. When you climb the mountain, you will feel the cold and revitalizing blow of the wind. The highlights of the climb consist of the distinct view of the forests and the grasslands summit with its “sea of clouds” occurrence.

4) Mount Kitanglad – Bukidnon

Mount Kitanglad, a dormant volcano, is situated in Kitanglad Range, Bukidon. The name “kitanglad” was derived from a fable about a great flood that submerged the native lands of Bukidnon and only the tip of the mountain, the size of a “tanglad” (lemon grass), remained visible (“kita” in Tagalog). At 2,899 meters, it is the fourth tallest mountain in the Philippines. The stunning Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park was recognized and awarded as an ASEAN Heritage Park in 2009. Hiking is very challenging but you don’t have to worry because the trails are well-established. There are steel stairs that will lead you up the mountain. Once you get to the top of mountain, you will witness the beautiful sights and feel the refreshing mountain air. Also, there are bunkhouses with electricity established at the summit and there are also people working there. Mount Kitanglad is well-off in biodiversity so there are loads of flora and fauna to check out.

5) Mount Kalatungan – Bukidnon

Mount Kalatungan,located at the Kalatungan Range, Bukidnon, has an elevation of 2,860 meters. Carina Dayondon,one of the Everest climbers, illustrated Mt. Kalatungan as the chief mountain “most difficult to climb” because of its tricky shape and much complicated trails. Several mountaineers praise these features of the mountain because they add more challenge and adventure to the climbers. The area is also typhoon-free. Although this mountain is a potentially active volcano, it still shows no sign of eruption. Based on a survey last 2003, no less than 129 animal kinds can be found in the Kalatungan.  

6) Mount Tabayoc – Benguet

Mount Tabayoc is located at the Cordillera Range in Northern Luzon. This mountain has an elevation of 2,842 meters, making it the 6th highest mountain in the Philippines. Aside from being the second highest peak in Luzon, it is also surrounded by beautiful virgin forests sheltering a number of endemic and endangered bird species. Because of this, hiking and camping in this mountain are some ideal activities recommended for tourists. It has an open grassland summit offering alluring sights.

7) Mount Ragang – Lanao del Sur
Mount Ragang is situated in Piapayungan Range,Lanao Del Sur. It is 2,815 meters high. It is an active volcano, and also known as Mount Piapayungan and Blue Mountain. Maria Cristina Falls, the Philippine’s largest waterfalls and the major source of hydroelectric electricity in the region can be also found in Lanao del Sur.

8) Mount Maagnaw – Bukidnon

Mount Maagnaw is located in Kitanglad Range, Bukidnon. It has an elevation of 2,742 meters. The province of Bukidnon is one of the most fertile lands in the country making the place conducive to farming.

9) Mount Singakalsa – Benguet

Mount Singakalsa, also known as Mount Timbak,is located at Benguet, in Cordillera Range and has an elevation of 2,717 meters. It is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations because of its cold climate and wonderful sceneries. This mountain is unbelievably magnificent and enchanting, just like the other mountains in this region. Discover the hidden waterfall on the southeast slope of Timbak and be captivated by the great views and landscapes of the Cordilleras. You can also meet hospitable and kind people in the barrios.

10.) Mount Amuyao – Benguet
Mount Amuyao is situated in Cordillera Range in Northern Luzon, with an elevation 2,689 meters. The mountain is very visible and easily spotted along the highway to Banaue. At the peak, you can witness the beauty of wild flowers, highland grass, wild orchids, and a display of other wild flora.Mount Amuyao has a tropical rainforest. It takes about 4-7 hours to climb to the summit with the help of stairways and trails. The views are spectacular – the high mountains of the Cordilleras can be seen at the west and the Sierra Madre is at the east.




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