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Top 10 Most Magnificent Caves in the Philippines

Spelunkers unite! Here is a list of the most thrilling, most exciting, and most adventurous venues for spelunking in the Philippines.

by Jhaypee Guia on August 27, 2013
Top 10 Most Magnificent Caves in the Philippines

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Here is the list of beautiful caves that can be found in the Philippines

1. Palawan Underground River

Palawan Underground River, also called St. Paul Underground River, is the Philippine’s most famous cave. It is located in the island of Palawan. The subterranean river has a length of 15,000 meters or 5 miles.

This underground river is the longest navigable subterrnean river in the world. It is also the 3rd deepest cave in the Philippines. Actually, this river is included in the new list of 7 wonders of nature.

This beautiful river is one of the central tourist attractions in this country because of the breathtaking views inside. This is surely a relaxing destination for all adventure seekers and spelunkers.

2. Odloman Cave

Odloman Cave is one of the most visited caves in the Philippines, situated in Mabinay, Negros Oriental. This large cave in Mabinay stretches 8.9 km long. It is considered as the 2nd longest and 6th deepest cave in the country.

The Odloman Cave has five thrilling and exciting entrances which are connected to each other. You can spot large galleries, active stream water, and a mix of crystalline formations inside.

3. Sumaging-Latipan-Lomyang Crystal Cave

Sumaging-Latipan-Lomyang Crystal Cave is one of the caves that you shouldn’t miss. This cave can be found in the beautiful place of Sagada, Mountain Province.

It is the deepest cave in the Philippines, with the depth of 163 meters starting on its mouth. Actually, Filipino soldiers and guerillas during World War II used this cave as their fortress where they can hide from the conquerors. It was also a burial ground for native citizens of the Cordillera Region. It is also the fifth longest cave in the country.

It has six entrances that will lead you to witness the amazing beauty of the cave inside, such as natural streams, stone walls, and limestone formations.

4. Odessa Tumbali Cave

Odessa Tumbali Cave is the 3rd longest cave in Cagayan, with the length of 7,650 meters. It is also known as Abbenditan Cave. This cave is connected to the village of Tumbali where the name came from.

It is full of life and reserves a tremendously beautiful sight inside. It has terrific and fantastic stone arrangement, passage, canal and lagoon for swimming, and photography and cave diving spots.

5. Jackpot Cave

Jackpot Cave is situated in Sitio Tumallo, Barangay Quibal, Peñablanca. It is the second deepest cave in the Philippines with a vertical range of 115 meters. This cave is a major tourist attraction in Cagayan.

6. Callao Caves

Callao Caves is also located in Peñablanca, Cagayan. The massive seven-chambered cave is the pride of Peñablanca that reserves gigantic of limestone and rock structure, chapels, and skylights.

All chambers have natural crevices, which allow the light to get into the cave, serving as enlightenment of the dark areas of the place. Some of the rock and limestone formations resemble a chapel, skeleton, elephant’s head, a praying angel, rocket, lion’s head, and dog’s head.

7. Langun-Gobingob Caves

Langun-Gobingob Caves is the pride of Calbiga, Samar. It is the biggest cave in Southeast Asia and the 2nd largest cathedral cave in the world with 2,968 hectares area.

It is composed of 12 caves with large underground spaces, unique rock formations and streams.

8. Tabon Caves

The Tabon Caves are located in the municipality of Quezon in the southern part of the Palawan, Philippines. In fact, they are famous for the found skull cap remains of the Tabon Man, which are 22,000 years old. Along with the skull cap, remains of wild boar and deer with evidence of having been hunted for utilization were also found in the cave, apparent proof of human inhabitant. The cave is alleged to be half a million years old, and has been inhabited for almost 50,000 years.

The Tabon Cave Complex consists of 29 explored caves, but there are 200 caves known on Lipuun Point. They are maintained and managed by the National Museum. One of the caves' part is open to view for public.

9. Biak-na-Bato

Biak-na-Bato is a significant place during the Philippine Revolution. It is a big split rock which was a mountain hideout of the revolutionary forces during the Spanish regime. It is located in San Miguel.

The park appeals to the adventurous spirit with its challenging rock formations. Hanging bridges and staircases connecting rivers and caves make for a pleasurable exploration.

10. Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave is a cave located in Panglao Island, Bohol. You can see a lagoon large stalactites, and huge stalagmites. It is made up of limestone. Its entrance is a hole one meter wide in diameter. Actually, it is unintentionally discovered. If you visit the natural wonder in Bohol known as Chocolate Hills, don't miss the chance to go to the superb Hinagdanan Cave.


Hinagdanan Cave

River at Biak-na-Bato National Park

Tabon Caves

Callao Caves

Puerto Princesa Underground River - View of the cave's entrance

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