Eastern Samar

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Eastern Samar

Discover the Province of Eastern Samar and Its Tourist Attractions

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The best of history and nature abound in the province of of Eastern Samar.  Amidst the many natural wonders this land has to offer the discerning adventurer, it also offers sites of events that have changed the course of the history of the world.  

Eastern Samar is a province of the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas region. Its capital is the city of Borongan. Eastern Samar occupies the eastern portion of the island of Samar. Bordering the province to the north is the province of Northern Samar and to the west is Samar province and to the east is the vast Pacific Ocean. Off the coast of Leyte Gulf, the province faces the province of Leyte.

Eastern Samar had been a significant backdrop of the country's rich colonial history through the island of Homonhon, where Ferdinand Magellan first set foot on Philippine soil in 1521 on his way to conquer the Philippines for the western world. Its tiny island of Suluan Guiuan was likewise where the U.S. Army Rangers had their first encounter of the Philippine territory in 1944, three days before General Douglas MacArthur made his historic landing in Leyte.

In his account, Pigafetta, the chronicler aboard Magellan's ship, describes the island of Humumu, now Homonhon, as so: We found two fountains of very clear water, we called it the Waters of Good Signs, having found the first sign of gold in the said island. There also can be found much white coral and tall trees that bear fruits smaller than an almond and look like pines. There were also many palm trees, some of the best kind, some of the bad. Thereabouts are many neighboring islands. Hence, we called them the St. Lazarus Archipelago because we stayed there on the day and feast of St. Lazarus.

Historians have since described this part of Samar Island as the eastern gateway to the Philippines. The coast of the small province faces the Pacific Ocean and much of the land is rugged with the vast parts forested. The interior part is rough and hilly and covered with dense tropical vegetation but drained by numerous rivers and creeks. Mountain ranges and peaks abound in an interior. Narrow plains hug most of the coastal areas and, in some instances, the banks of its principal rivers and their tributaries.

Tourist Attractions


Location: Southeast of Guiuan, 60 nautical miles from Tacloban.

Description: Tiny island where Ferdinand Magellan and his men first set foot on Philippine soil on March 16, 1521; viewing of the historic Magellan plaque/marker.


Location: Guiuan, Eastern Samar.

Description: The First Filipinos who made contact with Magellan lived here; has sandy beaches.

Description: Calicoan is an island bounded by the Pacific Ocean on the East, and Leyte Gulf on the West. With its rugged landscape, virgin tropical forests, unspoiled white sand beaches, crystal clear water and surf, Calicoan is a must-see for the adventurous traveler or intrepid surfer.


Location: Guiuan, Eastern Samar.

Description: Where the White Russians of the IRO (International Refugee Organization) stayed immediately after World War II.

  • NAVY 3149 BASE

Location: Ngolos, 23 kms. from the town proper of Guiuan, Eastern Samar.

Description: Base of the American soldiers of WWII; commands a view of the Pacific Ocean. Base of the "Elona Gay" (B-52 Bomber) which droped the first atomic bomb on August 7, 1945 in Hiroshima, Japan.


Location: Guiuan, Eastern Samar.

Description: It has a three-kilometer runway that could service even jet-propelled planes; constructed by WWII US Navy in 1944. During the Liberation of the Philippines, it was the airstrip of war planes; now a good picnic area.


Location: 24 kms. from the town proper of Guiuan.

Description: Habitat of the world famous "Golden Cowrie"; an ideal site for deep sea fishing, scuba diving; multi-colored school of fishes is a common sight.


Location: Guiuan, Eastern Samar.

Description: It is a pearl culture farm; a haven of rich marine life such as lobsters, shells, fishes, abalones, corals; clear blue waters and immaculate white coral beach; perfect site for scuba diving, fishing and swimming.


Location: 14 kms. from Guiuan.

Description: Beautiful beach with white sand and shells of various kinds and colors; viewing of the Pacific Ocean; ideal for swimming.


Location: Borongan, Eastern Samar.

Description: Has a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean; an excellent place for fishing, scuba diving, surfing, swimming.


Location: Maydolong, Eastern Samar.

Description: Magnificent natural rock formation made more beautiful by the Maydolong landscape aficionados.

Location: Guiuan, Eastern Samar.

Description: A 16th century church with its entire structure still preserved including old relics of "santos," hand carved altars and doors.


Location: Barangay Santa Maria in the town of Borongan.

Description: A 2-kilometer-long beautiful white beach ideal for surfing and swimming.

Location: A 3-sq. Kilometer island in Brgy. Lalawigan, Borongan.

Description: It has a crystal-clear water, white beach, swaying palm trees, multi-colored fish and corals beneath; best suited for scuba diving and swimming.


Location: At the heart of the town of Borongan.

Description: A natural spring said to be miraculous. This spring as the Boronganons say, is full of legend that whoever takes a bath in this cool spring, especially foreigners, will surely go home with a Boronganon wife. Around this spring is a Spanish built stone wall.


Location: 17 kms. north of Borongan.

Description: Beautiful white beach. Just a few meters away from the beach with swaying palm trees lies a small lake with fresh water.


Location: Brgy, Bus-bua, 2 kms. north of Guiuan.

Description: A clean white beach considered as a tourist haven. It offers a lot of excitement as you go paddling through its crystal-clear blue waters.


Location: Brgy. San Pablo, Borongan City Eastern Samar

Pahungaw Falls

Divinubo Island

Immaculate Conception Church, Guiuan

Calicoan island

Tubabao Island

Where to stay

The following is a list of hotels that can be found in the province of Eastern Samar that offer the best services and accommodations to everyone who wishes to visit and stay in the province for a few days or more.

  • Khaishra Hotel 

Location:   Brgy. Lugay, Guiuan, Eastern Samar, Philippines

  • Best Eastern Hotel 

Location:   Lalawigan, Eastern Samar, Philippines

  • Dona Vicenta Hotel 

Location:   Brgy. Songco, Eastern Samar, Philippines

  • GV Hotel Borongan (Eastern Samar) 

Location: National Highway cor. Circumferential Road, Borongan, Samar / Leyte, Philippines


The province has two airports; Guiuan Airport and Borongan Airport. Currently, no airline operates out of the Borongan Airport in Borongan City while upstart Mid-Sea Express started serving the Guiuan Airport in the town of Guiuan. Mid-Sea Express plies Cebu-Guiuan route to serve tourists going to Calicoan Island.

By land, minibuses and vans ply from the regional center in Tacloban City to some towns in Eastern Samar. From Borongan City, buses ply to Manila. Motorized boats ply through the Leyte Gulf ferrying passengers going to the Tacloban City seaport.